Buying guide for high quality Made in Italy wholesale leather bags


In this historical moment, between the various lockdowns and the clearer Covid emergency than ever, supporting small businesses, local ones and Made in Italy has become of vital importance for all of us. Many, starting with the most famous influencers, have moved on social platforms to the sound of the hashtag #SupportMadeInItaly and below we will report a guide to buying wholesale Made in Italy leather bags.

But what does it mean to support Made in Italy? How to buy wholesale Made in Italy products?

It is known that Made in Italy is marked above all by artisans and small and medium-sized enterprises which, thanks to the quality of their products, are able to proudly carry this “trademark” which has always been recognized and appreciated. Buying wholesale bags in genuine Made in Italy leather for retailers is not always an easy task and unfortunately the crisis we are facing does not help as many are willing to offer their customers a lower quality product in the face of savings. bulk purchase.

Instead, today we want to bring you into the world of genuine Made in Italy wholesale leather bags, those that you can recognize by touch, smell and sight because they will give you the idea of ​​the luxury and quality of true Made in Italy. . Despite the difficulty, in fact, there are still manufacturers and wholesalers of leather bags and accessories who have not sacrificed the quality of their product and are always sure to present their buyers with superior quality items that are always up to par. A striking example is the production of b2b bags and accessories by It Bags, a Florentine company that for over 30 years has been committed to bringing a high-class finished product to your stores.

How do I recognize the True Made in Italy? This wording has always been synonymous with high quality leather, research and attention to detail and It Bags is proud to follow this philosophy.

The leathers used are selected by our team, which always and exclusively chooses first choice materials and obviously Made in Italy, buying them from the best tanneries in the Florentine and Tuscan territory, supporting other small Italian companies.

Our designers and stylists take care of the product design, the leathers to be used and the most stylish and trendy combinations of the moment while in the other department the leather bags are assembled by expert craftsmen who will create resistant and precise seams, which will create shoulder straps and handles with great care and without using hasty methods such as glue or other products that allow you to speed up the process. Everything is assembled with care and extreme patience, to make each It Bags a product you can trust.

Our wholesale bags and b2b leather goods are a staple for many Italian and foreign shopkeepers and buyers, who have always relied on our wholesale and our young and dynamic team to always have items with a refined and never banal design. compliance with the diktats of Made in Italy quality. We know, unfortunately it is impossible to find this quality and refinement in low-cost products, so the wholesalers of quality genuine leather bags can be counted on the fingers of one hand but if what shopkeepers and retailers are looking for, is a bag that can grow and grow old with your customers, so we recommend supporting Made in Italy and always buying high quality products.

The testimony of the CEO of It Bags reveals all the commitment that the company puts into its products:

“We spend a lot of time in researching the perfect materials and in the right combinations to be able to create a bag that is always unique and with its own unparalleled personality. Our dream was to create items that could stand out from the crowd that we always run into today too often. Thank you. with the collaboration of a team of designers and artisans we have looked for leathers of unquestionable value that have given life to those patterns we are so proud of. “

And he continues:

“Try to hold an It Bags wholesale bag in your hand and we are sure it will always transmit new emotions thanks to the mix of different leathers. Nothing is left to chance, every color or pattern in our b2b Patchwork bags is designed to create patterns perfect to make your every customer happy. Suitable for every type of personality as there are so many variations, so we invite you to browse our catalog so as not to miss these little works of art. ”

Having said that, are you ready to discover the true essence of Made in Italy? Browse all the collection of Patchwork, Classic, Hand Painted bags or let yourself be captivated by our wholesale leather accessories!

The saying “quantity does not matter, but quality” seems today more than ever a good advice to follow!

If you want to try the products of the ItBags line you can find them in our showroom or online on our wholesale bags online It Bags Italian Artworks editorial staff