Like every year, the first thing that warns us that spring is coming, are the flowers that bloom and that with their intoxicating scent tell us: the summer is here!

It may be for this or because they are colorful, the trend of floral bags and accessories never goes out of fashion. in fact, again this year we go again!

Floral bags everywhere! Let’s see in more detail the proposals of the most famous maisons

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Dolce and Gabbana, with its slightly baroque and Italian-inspired inspirations, gives us handbags with realistic floral decorations. Impressive and very elegant. Bernadette, on the other hand, a more youthful and niche brand, opts for jaunty digital flowers in contrast to the pastel colors of its models, to give us the feeling of spring. Maison Dior instead offers us the most famous of the Tote Bags with floral stitched decorations with a realistic style, spring seems almost painted on this bag. Last but not least, Gucci, with its famous Jackie that has been a fashion school since the years of Jackie ‘O, this time is revisited in a floral key in contrast with the strong and vitaminic tones of the leather. A perfect combination to wear throughout the new season!

It Bags, manufacturer and retailer of wholesale leather bags, has also created many floral-themed products for the new season. Small handbags with shoulder strap to wear on magnificent summer dresses that will make the whole outfit even more cheerful. Or hand-painted trunks, large and capacious but also fun thanks to its flowers. Or again, you can opt for one of our most popular models, the wholesale leather handbag that for the new season is dressed in colorful watercolor-style flowers, as soft as a painting. If, on the other hand, you are looking for products that are comfortable to wear every day and that can be versatile but at the same time trendy, choose our hand-painted wholesale leather backpacks. Large colorful flowers that will brighten up even the saddest day in the office.

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