The timeless raffia.

Raffia or also called Rafia comes to us from the palms of Africa to replace jute.
A Milan-based company was the first to design and build processing plants for this particular and resistant leaf that from the first processing in the decade of the 1960s arrives in the summer of 2021, depopulating among the best brands.

From Louis Vuitton to Hogan, raffia is the master of this summer. From the smallest accessories, to sandals to end up with bags that can be worn all day and not just under an umbrella. From total raffia to combinations with leather profiles as in our wholesale bags, it will be the top material that will guide our sunny days.
From the thirty-year experience of our company where, in addition to the skills, a real passion for their work persists, we never stop to always keep up with fashion and be able to give our customers and consequently to the final consumer, a product of high quality and with a refined and trendy design.

From the raffia shopper with leather details and studs, from bright colors like fuchsia and yellow to timeless like brown and beige. Continuing to a wide bag with raffia sides, in summer colors. To arrive at a super-comfortable with a soft square-shaped flap that will turn your customers’ heads.

All these and many others can be found in our online wholesale of genuine leather bags.