Summer 2021 will not be a summer like any other.

For more than a year the world has changed, the way of life, the days themselves and even fashion has adapted to the historical moment giving its personal contribution with summer colors that smell of rebirth.

The desire to return to our lives, to the so much desired normality is on everyone’s lips. And this is why the trendy colors this summer are colors of hope, of inner peace, comfortable and at the same time full of all that energy that will be needed to start again. Colors are the absolute protagonists, from pastels to neon, color will prevail to chase away the gray of the closing days.

Color everywhere, from the Color block to the return of Vintage and the Tie-dye, bright, pastel colors that smell of life and renewal that give hope and joy. Everything people need! To feel good and to look good. It is said that to change the world you have to start from yourself and fashion gives us a hand with colors that can only do us good.


By now the myth that classic bags can only be combined with elegant outfits has been dispelled for some time now. In fact, many trendy trends mix styles thus creating a unique blend. This classic blue handbag, for example, is a must among the young and old, it is often worn on casual looks, jeans and a t-shirt. It has different colors, always very summery but today I present it to you in this light blue robe that smells of Forget-me-not and emerald green like summer meadows.

The Baby Pink today I propose it in a somewhat unusual guise, the patchwork bag. Patchwork is one of the flagships of our wholesale. To differentiate ourselves and to give even more value to our work we have created this line that allows us to give unique pieces to our customers and therefore to the final consumer. We care particularly and in addition to fine leather we have sought an innovative shape and unique design. A part of the bag, in contrast to the opposite one, is in light pink, this pastel color that tastes so much of carefree and relaxation that we all need.

This bag with an unmistakable line, is driving our customers crazy for the many colors and today I propose it with what has been and is one of the most popular colors, the cornflower. We could not miss this nuance that will be queen in summer 2021 and that more than all colors will stand out for its particular color point, fresh, safe, clean.

All these bags and many others can be found on our online wholesale