Let’s find out together which shopping bags will be the most in vogue

Who does not need a comfortable bag,

spacious and capacious to take anywhere ??




Fortunately, even if the trend today wants us all embellished with small and structured handbags, some brands continue its counter-trend (which becomes trend) of large bags, in soft leather, perfect for that woman who is not enough a micro-bag.


Comfy style

An example above all is the Maison Margiela brand, which always gives us great joys with its leather shoppers! With a minimalist look, which adapts perfectly to every outfit and every occasion. Perfect both for going shopping at the supermarket and for an informal happy hour.

Definitely a “mum friendly” bag that can contain everything we need without having to carry a thousand different bags. Many different shapes, united by one great word: comfort. Whether it is chosen smaller, larger or with the nice rounded shape that we see above, the important thing is that it is suitable for our super full life.

Slow fashion

Finally back to school, so what better bag to choose for our return to school? These templates are super versatile and will be great for your clientele who has to carry around books, notebooks and diaries! Whether your customers are students looking for a super fashion bag to go back to studying, or teachers with a great need for space in their bag … we have selected some models that will surely drive them crazy!

Minimalist shapes but with a twist of eccentricity for the soft bag presented by Givenchy, in soft light tan leather, it will adapt to all the jeans in the wardrobe! Or take an example from the two shopping bags on the side, in warm shades of rust or brown, always roomy and spacious to never leave anything at home! The great advantage that we will have in buying a shopping bag is that we can also carry it for the next cold season! You know, leather never goes out of style and thanks to these comfortable and long-lasting designs, this will be a guaranteed purchase!


If what your customers are looking for is a soft leather bag but suitable for evening occasions, for going out with friends or simply that reflects recent trends, then It Bags offers you these leather bags that as we have seen in the Spring fashion shows -Summer 2021. will surely be a must have!

Definitely eccentric design for these little wonders, adorned with large knots and perfect to be carried by hand. In this case, Bottega Veneta is the master, with that sky blue bag that perfectly recalls all the trends of next season. Light colors, softness and intertwining knots. Or, if we are looking for something similar, always in nude tones perfect for the summer, we can always rely on Maison Margiela with its nude shoulder bag with a deconstructed look that is always very soft and spacious.

The classic is a classic

Finally, if you are undecided on which leather bag to choose to offer to your customers, our advice is to go classic. Clean lines, not too bizarre design and soft colors, brown or total black.

Follow the trend of Bottega Veneta and its interpretation of the Shopping Bag. Large and with a lot of space available, with a very minimal line that lends itself to really be worn on everything and at any time of the day. It manages to be casual but also extremely elegant. Or Tod’s who gives us the shopping bag with fringes, perfectly inherent to the trends of the new season. Or, still talking about weaves, you can find many shopping bags with woven detail at the handle like the one above, your customers will be fashionable but always remaining with one foot in comfort.

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