Rely on It Bags, leader in the Production of Genuine Leather Bags and Accessories, for the realization of your brand. Making use of an innovative and avant-garde Production Department, we will be able to create any type of product. The creation of unique models will be your business card to create a well-known and successful brand.

Our experienced team will follow you in all phases:

–  Initial idea

–  Choice of Leathers

–  Prototype

–  Production

Furthermore, we provide already developed prototypes ready for production, to which we could make the changes you require, to create the product that is most in line with your idea. For many years we have been producing for various leading fashion companies, you too become part of our big family and start production today!
We produce high quality leather bags, handmade Made in Italy products that you can customize in every detail.
Take advantage of our Production Team and their professionalism to create the perfect product for your company. We will provide a tailor-made service, suited to your requests and needs, ensuring maximum customization of the product you want to create, ranging from many colors and leathers. Make your ideas real and build the bag, accessory or exclusive garment to offer to your customers.




What is it?

It Bags offers this service to all shops and boutiques that want to create their own brand and sell products with it to their customers. By offering you this opportunity, you can choose from our wide range of wholesale bags and small leather goods in Made in Italy Genuine Leather and resell our products with your brand. It is the most affordable solution for those who want to start their own brand without facing too high costs.

Our Service:

We will offer you advices to define all the details by providing you all the informations on products and products costs, while toghether with our Graphic Team we will be able to find the perfect solution to create the mold to be impritend or engraved on all the products you choose. For more informations do not hesitate to contact us.



What is it?

Have you always had in mind to create your own line of customized bags, clothing and accessories? It Bags, thanks to its collaborations with florentine and international artists, offers you the opportunity to customize any garment or product with the design and the style that best suits your brand.

Our Service:

Contact us and together with our Artistic Team we will find the perfect design to make your brand unique and inimitable. The products that will be used, in addition to a great visual yield, will be long-lasting. You can choose the design or pattern you prefer and we will make it on any wholesale genuine leather bag or any accessory or garment of our production or not. The consultation is free and will aloow you to have a complete vision of your future brand.



What is it?

The first thing to conceive for the creation of a new brand is the design and creation of a logo that summarizes your idea and that attracts the attention of your future customers. Creating takes time, dedication and an efficient and experienced Graphic Team can help you.

Our Service:

Contact our Graphic Team for advice, together you will discuss the phylosophy of your brand, the message you want to convey, the colors, the fonts and everything a logo needs. Together we will create captivating graphics that you can place both on your entire collection and on your packaging.



What is it?

The presentation of a product is everything and especially now with online sales, we have more than ever take care of the appearence of the packaging of our company. Boxes, envelopes, dust bags and much more are very important to give justice to the article you sold.

Our Service:

It Bags offers this service, you can customize the packaging as you like and make the sale a real pleasure for your customers. Our Graphic Team with the Production department will create your customized pack with your logo. Contact us for more informations.



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