One of the most famous (if not the most famous) pattern in history

Let’s discover together its origins, history and its uniqueness

pattern #01- pied de poule by ALBINO - WhyNotMag


This pattern with the most original French name than means “Chicken Paws” was born in Scotland around 1800 and became commonly used for scarves and coats among the farmers and shepherds who used them for their endless days exposed to the elements.

Only around 1900 begins tobeing very popular on the upper classes and to the nobility.

It was only thanks to Maisons like Dior, who coated his iconic perfume with this texture and launched his first collection containing garments with this pattern in 1948, which became famous and timeless. Or Chanel and Louis Vuitton who printed this pattern on their clothing. Even the car manufacturer Porche designed the interiors of one of its most famous models, with leather inserts contrasting with Pied De Poule fabric.

From that moment this pattern became part of the “immortals” of fashion, which almost every year thanks to the inventiveness and reinterpretation of a great classic, always comes back to keep us company on the most disparate products.
Coats, scarves, tops, trousers, belts, shoes, bags and much more.
Moreover, thanks to younger and more innovative Designers who have given this texture that “new trendy” touch, nowadays we find not only the classic black and white but vitaminic and captivating color contrasts that every season blend with the trend of the moment. and creates new ones. For this Summer 2021 we find it in micro, macro, pastel colors or with bright tonal contrasts to make everything even more colorful and fun for the hot season.

Cleared from being only a predominantly winter pattern, in the most recent catwalks and worn by the most famous influencers we were able to discover how trendy this print is on clothing and accessories for spring / summer.

Let’s see some trends:


Who hasn’t seen Emily in Paris ?? That white denim outfit with Pied de Poule print in shades of baby pink made us dream! This time Chiara Ferragni really surprised us, in fact this wonderful combination belongs to her brand.
In this case the print is macro and leaves room for this summer’s main trend, pastel colors.




Is it possible that where you place this print, the result is always amazing? It is no coincidence that it’s one of the most famous Optical Patterns in history. In this case we want to show you an Asos bikini, perfect for taking a bath in the ocean with impeccable style. Or the most popular vest of recent months, always pictured with pink as the main color but we have also seen it in the classic black, beige, blue and green. Also for Pink Lovers, the Pied de Poule with a summer flavor also appears on high fashion shows.





As we anticipated, here is the Pied de Poule in Mint and Green version! Together with the other pastel colors, this year one of the most underrated colors in history is back in vogue … Green! In a light shade for the Pixie Market outfit, with the geometric top and the ruffled skirt. While Gucci presents us with a more micro and gritty version for its two-piece vest-skirt. Innovative style or vintage style, which one do you prefer?





Finally, a series of colorful Pied de Poule, always following the trend of the season. From the deconstructed PH5 dress with a contrast of purple tones together with a very light aqua green, with an ultra-chic effect. Or the skirt with the “Stretched” pattern that gives a high-impact optical effect and finally the handbag in shades of torquoise, also a trendy color for the summer!




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