Do you remember in the 90s when the pendants to hang on the phone were in fashion? Between Winnie the Pooh and Hello Kitty there was no child or adult who did not have at least one of these accessories attached to their mobile phone.
Good times!!
But as we know, fashions, albeit evolving, always come back. In fact, for the 2021 summer season we have seen the brand new and colorful Phone Beads depopulate! But what exactly are they?

They are chains with beads, hearts, letters and much more that thanks to a cord are attached to the phone and give that extra super trendy touch! It is no coincidence that all the best known influencers, top models and celebrities are going crazy for this new accessory and we can see these chains in many of their selfies

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From Chiara Ferragni and her best friend Veronica Ferraro, passing through the new mother Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa … none of them lack their very personalized Phone Bead! They come in various sizes and are super comfortable also to avoid the accidental fall of the your device.

This is why It Bags has decided to ride the trend and from today many colors of Phone Beads for all tastes are available online at www.ingrossoborse.com!

Discover them now and don’t miss the opportunity to make your customers the most fashionable around!

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