The production of leathers has ancient origins, primitive man began to use them to protect themselves from the elements. Unfortunately, however, these leathers were subject to degradation but going with the times, a little by chance and a little by luck, man discovered that there were various ways to keep the leather intact over time. The first “concie” and the first treatments were discovered, several of them are still used today.

There are various types of fine leathers and It Bags, a manufacturer and wholesaler of leather bags and wholesale leather goods, like many renowned brands, uses the best Made in Italy leathers including Saffiano, Dollar, Epi, Palmellato, Pitone and Cavallino.

Saffiano Leather

This type of leather with a particular texture was invented by the famous Prada brand. Its inimitable “scratched” appearance is obtained by imprinting the typical diagonally crossed striped pattern on the leather and nowadays many luxury brands use this type of leather for their leather goods. Synonymous with elegance and beauty, real Saffiano leather is produced only in Italy in Tuscan tanneries that have the complex machinery available to make it.

Saffiano leather appears to the eye and to the touch as a luxurious but resistant and long-lasting leather both for the creation of wholesale leather bags and for other wholesale leather goods such as wallets, cell phone cases and much more . It Bags uses this high quality leather for its wholesale bags for women and men, for its leather wallets and for its wholesale computer bags, which you can discover on our b2b E-Commerce.

Palmellato Leather

The Palmellato leather is so called because it undergoes the treatment called “Palmellatura”, which consists in pressing the leather on the reverse side, by hand or with a tool called “palmella”, to obtain the classic “creped” effect. This leather, widely used for the production of both bags and small leather goods, is very solid and resistant and thanks to its characteristic crepe, it makes each item pleasant to the touch and with a luxurious appearance.

Our company prefers this leather for the production of its wholesale Leather Clutches and its wholesale leather wallets for women. To discover all our b2b leather goods made with this material you can visit our online store

Calf Hair Leather

There have been many questions about this type of leather, which due to its name can lead to misunderstandings. While for the realization of all the other leathers the lower part of the leather is used, for the Cavallino the upper part where the coat is present is used, consequently it is “hairy” thanks to the hair of the animal. Cavallino leather is among the most fascinating and sought after on the market, as it gives elegance to each product.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be “colored” in many nuances or reproducing leopard, zebra and so on coats that will allow you to combine pony articles with practically any look. It Bags, keeping its quality standards always at the top, uses this type of leather for its Patchwork bags, for its Cavallino wallets that are a top-seller every season and for its wholesale leather belts.

ingrosso borse in pelle cavallino

Python Leather

Python skin is known for its refinement, elegance and uniqueness. Thanks to the always different texture of the scales, the finished product is always different and consequently unique and unrepeatable.

Material of great elegance, soft and with the characteristic veins and shades, it is used for high quality wholesale bags and for small leather goods such as our python wallets. It is scaly to the touch, but we must not be fooled, this leather is very resistant despite its softness.

Dollaro Leather

Dollaro leather is always a very trendy leather, thanks to its two main characteristics: its grain that can be fine or thick and its softness. It is very pleasant to the touch and gives the bags an elegant appearance with a matte finish, always appreciated by customers.

Our company uses this type of leather for its Classic wholesale bags, travel bags, classic wholesale leather wallets and computer cases. If you are looking for a product made with high quality Dollar Leather, you can visit our wholesale bags and small leather goods here.

EPI Leather

This leather called EPI, generally used for the production of bags and small leather goods, is very renowned thanks to the luxury brand Louis Vuitton that prefers this leather for many of its creations. Resistant to water and wear, it is perfect for wearing every day. Thanks to its type of tanning it is possible to find articles of every color, even the most lively, which makes the products made with this leather, even more unique and classy.

It Bags uses high quality EPI leather for the realization of its wholesale shopping bags and its wholesale leather wallets for women like this model that you can find on our online wholesale.

Real Fur

The most requested among fur leathers is that of Mink, it has a wide range of natural tones: it goes from white to black, through a whole range of beige, gray, pink and violet shades. While Lapin or rabbit: the hair is more or less thick, depending on the origin. Both very soft and resistant, they are suitable for processing for the creation of coats, bags and shoulder bags.

Our Mink or Rabbit shoulder bags and our wholesale fur handbags are qualitatively at the top and will always give that allure of great elegance and refinement for customers.

ingrosso borse in pelliccia

Calf Leather

Calfskin is among the most valuable and sought after on the market for the production of wholesale genuine leather bags. Characterized by an extraordinary softness and elasticity, it is used for high quality items such as bags, wallets and small leather goods. The Bottega Veneta weave made with this fine leather is very famous.

It Bags also creates sublime weaves with this leather, discover our wholesale leather woven bags, wallets and belts on our online wholesale leather shop.

ingrosso borse in pelle intrecciata

Our company, with decades of experience in the production and sale of wholesale bags and accessories in leather and fur, pays particular attention to international standards for the protection of animals, purchasing its leathers only from Made in Italy leather suppliers and furs certified and attentive to regulation in terms of eco-sustainability.

The It Bags editorial team