Do you have a shop that unfortunately is now closed due to government restrictions or do you want to try to expand your circle of potential customers?

Our dedicated team has revealed some tips that you can follow to easily sell online!

STEP 1 – Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are platforms through which you can find new customers or show your customers the new products that are available. Our wholesale of leather bags is also available online and you can see it here and here for inspiration. The watchword is “create content”.

Spend some time and take captivating photos, enhance your products, create simple graphics to advertise an event or promotion. Not sure which tools to use? Our leather goods wholesaler recommends a program that is easy to use but with which you can create all the graphics you want for free, we’re talking about Canva. Once I have made all the posts, will I have to post them every day? Yes, the contents will be posted every day, without exaggerating, to keep the customer’s attention alive and because in this way you will have much more chance of being visible and therefore of finding new potential customers.

wholesale leather bags

But if you want help, the social media managers who collaborate with our online wholesale of leather bags and accessories, suggest us a perfect program that can simplify these operations. There are many platforms where you can schedule posts for the whole week in just a few clicks and that will relieve you of the thought of having to post every day.

An example can be Content Creator, also used for our online wholesale, on which you can program your Facebook and Instagram posts in a few simple steps. If it happens that you don’t have any new products coming up or promotions to advertise, don’t give up and give space to creativity! Engage your audience with questions and requests for feedback, or create videos where you showcase your products in detail and much more!

STEP 2 – Paid advertising

This type of advertising, coupled with your job of publishing new and interesting content, will always bring new people to view your online store and purchase potential. You can create the so-called Ads both on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and directly on Google.

Thanks to this tool, with a few euros a day you can increase views. It will be very easy to target, that is, to choose a range of people who might be interested in your product, and consequently to create this type of advertising. If you need, do not hesitate to contact our wholesale of leather bags, we will be happy to lend a hand to your store.

STEP 3 – Promotions

As well as our wholesale leather bags which are highly appreciated, your products will surely appeal to your customers who will want to buy more than once in your store! So off to the offers, promotions and discount codes to entice people to take advantage and buy again!

STEP 4 – Creation of an E-Commerce

You know, the creation of an E-Commerce is not for everyone but surely there are professionals who can help you! You can contact us and we will help you find professionals who create easy and easy to manage E-Commerce websites, suitable for anyone!

Let us always remember that in addition to the realization, we must pay close attention to the maintenance of our E-Commerce.

Daily commitment in loading the new products arrived, always keeping the availability up to date, even here we can play with captivating graphics that will surely keep your customers glued to the screen! Moreover, thanks to the social networks we were talking about, you can advertise your website anywhere! This will bring you more and more customers! These are the main recommendations of our team!

Discover our online wholesale bags site and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages and find out how to advertise your store!

Also, if you need to buy high quality wholesale products and then sell them in your store, you can visit our website

We are waiting for you!

The It Bags editorial team