Let’s find out together how to have an inimitable leather wholesale bag!

Very often we are looking for a wholesale leather bag that can give our customers the security of having a unique and inimitable product, but very often with fashions that chase each other and that in the end end up looking a little alike.

It can become difficult to offer an inimitable product. For this reason It Bags, manufacturer and wholesaler of bags and accessories in Genuine Leather Made in Italy, has established its collaborations with Italian and international artists who create exclusively for us, completely hand-painted products to make each product special.

A hand-painted leather bag can become the best ally of your customers, they will always feel the center of attention and never dull thanks to personalized designs that reflect the character of each of them.


Very famous technique, perfect for those who want a simple product but with that extra push that stands out. Characterized by “splashes” of color that together form a very cool abstract painting that can be worn with any outfit. You can choose to make them with all the colors you want and on the bag you like best!



Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? We have seen it printed and sewn on shoes, watches and much more, from now on we can make it hand painted also on leather bags and jackets. Cute, colorful and fun, it will be perfect for those customers who want a cheeky and colorful product. Create your customers’ favorite character!



Especially in this period, our desire to travel is at the highest levels, but for the moment we must be content with traveling with the mind … and with bags! Our wholesale leather goods made with the skylines of the most beautiful cities in the world .. New York, Paris, London and many more! Order your favorite products, customized with cities that make your heart beat!



With the arrival of the new season, our painters love to draw on our wholesale leather bags, flowers of all kinds and spring from all pores! Colorful and joyful, they will be the perfect companions for the coming season! Don’t miss the opportunity to personalize your products with the flowers you like best!




We are approaching Valentine’s Day and the air becomes very romantic! Take advantage of our wholesale hand-painted bags full of hearts and stars to give your customers the chance to make the perfect gift! Personalize them with names, writings or phrases. All the love enclosed in a bag.

It Bags is always ready to create what you like best, contact us and request your bag or your customized wholesale leather jacket and they will be snapped up!

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