Wholesale genuine leather bags always give a touch of class to the wearer. Our wholesale of Made in Italy bags is constantly renewed by offering you captivating styles and, in this case, summer colors.

In this strange period of our life we ​​are dealing with ups and downs. Between the moments of closure and opening, a phenomenon called revenge shopping is emerging, or a sort of revenge of the consumer, who has been unable to buy and who “consoles” himself by spending large sums of money on objects he has always wanted and that, had there not been a moment of crisis, he would not have been forced to buy.

Thinking about this phenomenon that awaits us like a spring in the summer, we thought of those women who, tired of staying at home, will finally be able to show off their charisma to the fullest.

As the big names teach us, accessories are essential, they are small diamonds that make the woman who wears them sparkle. The bag is among the many, the largest and most visible accessory, this gives it a place of honor in determining the style that characterizes the wearer.

This is why today we want to show you the hottest news regarding wholesale leather bags and accessories on

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Large and capacious bags never go out of style. Women will always need a bag where they can put whatever comes into their head inside. We offer you a bag with new, sparkling colors, which know of rebirth and simplicity, comfortable and handy, it looks great under an umbrella, for an aperitif with friends or simply to go shopping.

Wanting to be sought after, we have created in our wholesale, a unique bag of its kind. Medium-sized, wearable, both over the arm and over the shoulder. The geometric shape with the boat bottom smells of futuristic and classic style at the same time.

We have thought of those who are not satisfied with a classic bag, but want something more, something unique and unmistakable, without sacrificing comfort.

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We could not to mention the timeless Pouch. In a hand version and with shoulder strap. Queen of evening bags, pouches have always been the symbol of elegance and our genuine leather bag wholesaler could not be outdone in giving its own version of this splendid model that ranges from more classic colors such as beige or black in bolder colors like green and red.

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In short, there is something for all tastes this summer! Don’t miss our new trends.

Come and visit us to buy your favorite wholesale leather bags for the new season!