Celebrate mum with quality and class made in Italy products.

Mother’s Day has always been celebrated in May, since the time of the Greeks and Romans, the pagan festival that celebrates the transition from winter to summer, fertility and motherhood was based on the family figure of the mother.
There is one mother and with the passage of time this concept has become more and more accentuated in our society, maturing and bringing from ancient times this need to celebrate one’s mother and by extension, all mothers in the world.
Mothers certainly can only be honored to want to be celebrated one day a year for the role, not only as a woman but also as a parent within the family.
So we come to today, in May 2021, where with the advent of exponential consumerism, more and more people are struggling to find something original to give to their mother, wife, partner, grandmother and we are here for this!
Our bag wholesaler is made up of people, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, so we could not fail to give away with our trade, putting our art in working fine leathers at an advantageous price, all our catalog.
We strongly wanted this weekend of discounts, to allow all the negotiations to stock their shop with the highest quality bags at a super discounted price. Because every mother must be celebrated and what better gift than a genuine leather bag, with unique style and design.

Today I bring to your attention three models of the wide range of bags we have online.
Let’s start with a classic bag, one of our new arrivals, solid color, new pastel colors, totally summer. This classic bag has a fantastic line, with side pens, rigid handle, can also be worn with the included and removable shoulder strap. A unique line for an irreplaceable person like a mother.

We continue with a trunk with an attractive and precious line but this time embellished with decorations made by hand by our artisans. Painted bags are unique pieces, because unlike the others they have the direct intervention of man, in this case in the role of decorator and, however good a craftsman is, he will never be able to reproduce exactly the same decoration. With these bags we give added value to the object and therefore to the very idea of ​​a gift, which goes beyond expectations.
We conclude with a classic, but not trivial, patchwork shopper. It was born from the union of unique and precious leathers, giving shape to this spacious timeless bag. Available in many variations, patchwork is one of our strengths since we aspire to the uniqueness of each single piece, which will never be the same as another.

These and many others await you on our site